We know things will never be the same for a long time to come, and that social distancing will remain potentially for years to come. We would not be operating responsibly or caring for our community if we were to seat people as close as we used to. With that in mind we’ve created ‘Backyard’

Introducing ‘Backyard Brickendon’ at The Farmers Boy. A beautiful & intimate new space geared towards socially distanced dining. Backyard, with its Mediterranean terrace / industrial influence boasts a bar of its own & is fully heated & enclosed for year round use, yet opens up for those sunny days. Get the feeling of being in a summer beer garden mid winter!

We’ve turned ‘Backyard into a winter wonderland this Christmas 2020, a perfect place to enjoy a mulled wine ( much better if you make it boozy with Kraken spiced rum ), or sample one of our delicious new cocktails which are going down a storm! For live music events please see our Facebook page by clicking here.

Please select ‘Backyard when booking online. you can book by clicking here.