Meet the team :)

Nada – Restaurant Manager – Nada is an old school pub bird and has been working in the industry since the farmers boy was built (circa 1800) She loves to please and thrives on delivering first class, honest hospitality. Out of work Nada can usually be found perusing the depths of Amazon for random stuff she does’nt need (like pink wigs). If you listen carefully Nada can be heard from Cambridgeshire.

Danielle – Bar & Restaurant staff – Danielle can’t stop having babies so is only with us part time. Always beaming and cheerful, Danielle when not pregnant loves a  good old go on the vino and a sing song at our karaoke nights. We’re trying to sell her voice to make an extra quid or two.

Sandra – Bar & Restaurant staff – You’ll find Sandra sashaying the bar and restaurant floor most lunch times. Sandra also has a voice on her, sense the theme yet? bubbly and outgoing she loves a sing song to the odd power ballad when she thinks no one is around. She’s currently killing Ed Sheeran – thinking out loud as I write. Sandra loves to think out loud. Sandra has been told to shave her moustache for future shifts.

Jenny – Restaurant staff – When Jenny isn’t covering her face in prawns you’ll find her here on a Sunday. We don’t allow Jenny to cover her face in random food articles whilst she’s working. A true sweetie, Jenny has blossomed since joining us recently.

Laz – Chef – Laz is rather camera shy so we had to trick him to get a shot. As you can see our kitchen team are professional and serious at all times. Laz loves to crack the odd joke and keeps our team perky. We have reminded Laz on numerous occasions that mop heads are for cleaning, not for substituting a full head of hair.

Leighanne – Bar and Restaurant staff – Our car park gates needed replacing anyway, but Leighanne made sure this happened a lot faster by driving through them closed, whilst somehow hanging outside of the vehicle herself. When not destroying road furniture this chatterbox can be found here most lunchtimes.