it’s a pleasure to have you all back!! Please give the paragraph below a quick read to ensure you know the new ways we’re doing things.

Please be patient with our team while we adjust to new ways of operating, and note that our booking system operates a two hour slot on any table – please ask if you need more time as there may not be a booking after you. Our toilets are operating a one in, one out policy, please respect social distancing guidelines across the site, and any requests from staff. Please DO NOT move ANY tables in any area as these have been carefully placed so as to abide by social distancing guidelines. Rights of entry and service can be withdrawn at any time. See our Covid-19 policy here.

We’re sorry to have so many rules and regulations but sure you will understand the need, and that they are enforced by government. Have a great time. Eat, drink, and be merry. Have a great visit and great to have you back with us!. Mitch & Kevin and the whole FB team x